Kubernetes Cluster Creation in VMware Cloud on AWS with CAPV: Part 2

In Part 1 of my series on deploying Kubernetes clusters to VMware on AWS environments with ClusterAPI Provider vSphere, I detailed the processes required to stand up the CAPV management plane. After completing those steps, I am ready to provision a workload cluster to VMC using CAPV.

Creating Workload Clusters

The CAPV cluster is the brains of the operations but I still need to deploy some workload clusters for my teams of developers to deploy their applications onto. The management cluster helps automate the provisioning of all of the provider components to support my workload clusters as well as instantiating the VMs provisioned as a Kubernetes cluster. The basic use case here is that I, as the infrastructure admin, am responsible for utilizing the CAPV management cluster to provision multiple workload clusters that can support individual teams of developers, individual application deployments, etc. The CAPV management cluster allows me to easily deploy a consistent cluster in a repeatable fashion with very little manual effort. I can quickly deploy a test, dev, prod set of clusters for a team or deploy 5 different workload clusters for 5 different groups of developers.

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Well, here we are. Welcome to mannimal.blog!! 

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